Post of i-Deals Network PVT. LTD. on 2017 Jul 3rd at 03:06:50

Post of i-Deals Network PVT. LTD. on 2017 Jul 3rd at 03:06:50

Business Valuation and Financial Modeling Workshop – 24th & 25th July, Jakarta

Our valuation and financial modeling modules are offered separately or bundled for those seeking to build, compliment or expand their professional skill set.

Day 1 – Valuation: In this module, we will examine the three main valuation methodologies used in estimating the value of a corporate enterprise: publicly-traded comparables, transaction comparables and a discounted cash flow (DCF). We will further explore the differences between public and private company valuation and how it relates to making either an investment decision (minority stake) or an acquisition (change-of-control investment). We will also introduce a leveraged buyout analysis and how it can provide a fourth, and often more practical, “ability-to-pay” valuation. Finally, we will discuss special situations and approaches in valuing distressed and pre-revenue companies.

Day 2 – Financial Modeling: Financial modeling is a departure point from valuation in that it helps to provide us with predicative assessment of what our target company would look like under particular transaction. Modeling is a crucial step in making informed investment decisions that can have a huge financial impact on companies. By attending this course, you will be able to effectively prepare, analyze and interpret financial models in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.

Key take aways:

Value any kind of firm in any market (small and large, private and public) with a combination of accepted methodologies and practical insights models
Value special situations, such as financially troubled firms and start-up, pre-revenue firms Excel different

Gain an introductory understanding of integrated financial statement modeling
Learn to how to forecast projections
Become familiar with cash sweep modeling
Acquire the ability to prepare, analyze and interpret financial models
Construct forecasted financial statement models and perform sensitivity analysis
Develop or improve Excel skills while learning different modeling techniques

The mix of basic valuation techniques & applications provided in this seminar will appeal to a widely diverse audience.
Equity research analysts, who are interested in examining alternatives to the multiples that they use or the linkage to discounted cash flow models
Corporate financial officers, who want to understand the details of valuation, either because they are planning acquisitions or are interested in value enhancement strategies for their firms
Analysts involved in mergers and acquisitions, who would like to acquire a wider repertoire of valuation skill
Day 1- Valuation

The Role of Valuation
o Valuation methods
o Breakup analysis
o ­Valuation ranges

Comparable Company Analysis
o Benefits and challenges
o When to use
o Identifying and developing comparables
o Analyzing the data
o Summarizing conclusions

M&A Transactions Analysis
o Control valuations
o Benefits and challenges
o When to use
o Identifying and developing comparables
o Reading deal announcements
o Analyzing the data
o Summarizing conclusions

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
o Benefits and challenges
o Key components
o Common errors in a DCF
o Checking a DCF
o Comprehensive DCF walkthrough

Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Analysis
o Benefits and challenges
o Comparison to DCF
o Key components
o Simplified LBO analysis

Day 2- Financial Modelling

Financial Modeling Overview
o Purpose, uses and types

Introduction to LBO Modeling
o Key Component
o Financial statement forecasting
o Cash sweep and statement integratio
o Purchase price calculations and considerations
o Creation of short form LBO Model
o Returns analysis
o Credit ratios

Introduction to M&A Modeling
o Merger model uses

Creation of Accretion / Dilution Model
o Calculation of equity value and purchase price
o Impact of various considerations
o Synergies and pre-tax synergies required to breakeven
o Proforma income statement
o Pro Forma EPS to acquirer

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