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i-Deals Network is a newly emerged group for media and events divisions. It mainly integrates News, events, training and investment platform. The company also carries out leadership, legal and finance events , including start-up activities. It is one of the very first company to take initiative to handle media and event divisions in India and Asia. It focuses on providing quality networking opportunities through both online and offline platforms to its premium clients. Its business strategy includes to endeavour fresh and unique content.

Who we are

i-Deals Network envisions to integrate news and media, events and training under a single roof. We provide a unique platform that brings investors, start-up founders, consultants and corporate leaders together, opening a window of opportunities for brainstorming, networking, collaborating and co-creating innovative business models and scaling up validated start-up initiatives. Our boutique of offerings comprises unique training sessions which help clients develop and refine a litany of skills that enable them to take on the hardest challenges in the organisational life cycle. Apart from corporate summits that track and showcase emerging trends, we organise customised events tailored to suit specific client requirements.


What we do

Our platform endeavours to connect all stakeholders in the business fraternity, including entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, dealmakers, analysts, mentors and advisers across the globe through industry-leading events and summits. Our training division offers never-ending opportunities that help our clients develop and refine a litany of exotic skills which in turn enable them to take on challenges in professional life. Apart from organising a range of corporate summits, we help arrange customised events as per clients’ specific requirements.

i-Deals News: Offers news and analysis covering the financial markets with a focus on investments, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, startups and emerging sectors.

i-Deals Events:Organises conferences, seminars and workshops that are recognised for unique and insightful themes.

i-Deals Trainings:Organises premium financial and legal workshops, seminars and conferences moderated and led by top global experts in select areas. These sessions provide clients a global perspective and help refine professional skills and scale up entrepreneurial ventures.

i-Deals investment platform: Connects would-be entrepreneurs, start-up founders, investors, bakers, consultants and dealmakers to facilitate smoother deal closure.

i-Deals Network envisions to be the preferred platform that connects investment, banking and law firms and financial and corporate entities. We also aim to be an independent and reliable source of information related to investments, start-up funding, venture capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions. We endeavour to offer clients quality networking opportunities through both online and offline platforms.

Our mission is to help promising entrepreneurs and start-up founders reach out to and join hands with top angel and venture capital investors and investing networks. We aims to be a nesting ground for entrepreneurs to embark on their dream journey and networking platform for fledgling ventures to scale up business by imparting knowledge and offering analysis and insights through training, education, assessment and evaluation.
Core Value

i-Deals Network endeavours to foster creativity, innovation, reliability, quality, diligence and transparency while adhering to global standards in corporate governance.

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