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Energy Efficient Technologies

Power efficient solutions for the future…

E-Power Technologies will assist your Company to implement Energy Efficient Technologies. We employ a dynamic team of professional engineers & Technicians, who specialize in all fields of Enginering and have well equipped offices in Mossel Bay, Cape Town and Jeffrey’s Bay. We approach all projects with the aim to ensure the lowest cost for the client, but ensuring the highest possible quality.

Factor Correction

Minimize wasted energy, improve generator or plant efficiency and liberate more kW from the available supply making you more cost efficient.

Maintenance and Installation

E-Power repairs existing PFC panels and also supply and install new custom units.

Power Analysis and Quality

A full diagnosis of your electrical installation or network with precise measurement, calculation and display of harmonics.

Solar Applications

Solutions that integrate into a residential electrical system and seamlessly converts power from battery reserves when utility grid power is unavailable.

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