Conveyor & Ropeway Services (P) Ltd - Ropeway


CRSPL was born in the year 1975 with a vision to provide a safe alternative transport, by its founder Mr. S. Chakravarty, a highly qualified and experienced engineer, recognized worldwide as a stalwart in the field of aerial transportation. CRSPL started its activity as a consultant and emerged today as a distinct forerunner in the field of Aerial Ropeway in India with complete indigenous knowhow. Reducing pollution and saving environment are the motto of our organization. In the mid 80’s, CRSPL expanded its activities in the field of Coal Beneficiation in collaboration with Derek Parnaby Cyclone International Ltd., Durham, UK. It gained distinction in installing the very first plant, first of its kind based on the new technology at Lodna Colliery, BCCL, Dhanbad through a Science and Technology Grant, Govt. of India, having absorbed the technology and developed it further to best suit the Indian Coal conditions.

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