8 tips to turn Routine drive into Romantic one!

8 tips to turn Routine drive into Romantic one!

Metropolitans – a place where we run like a bunch of horses. We study, work and eat in an oscillation that sways us from one year to another. Constantly learning to survive a certain lifestyle, we miss out on life’s most primitive and simplest joys with our beloveds. Reminisce the last time you spent some quality time with your spouse or went on a long romantic drive. If yes, then count yourself lucky and if no then you have landed at the right place. With this article, we wish to rekindle a bit of romance without much ado.  If not much, we at least intend to give you a few tips that can save the grace for your love story and help you turn your routine drives into most romantic ones.

  1. Carry the breakfast: It may have happened the other day when you both got late for your respective jobs, which required you to eat those cheese sandwiches right there in the car. Who knew it would become a regular thing and you would purposely skip on breakfasts to enjoy that short romantic drive while feeding a bite to the one who is behind the wheel. Bizarre but real. Try yourself.

2. Populate the music store well: Every love story has a song. Music, quintessentially plays a vital role in any relationship. Radios and FM’s re one thing, which may or may not work on a certain day in a certain climatic condition. But there is no substitute for the good old country music that reminds you of your effervescent love tale. A handful DVD’s of your lady’s favorite band might work wonders for you on one such day.

3. Fuel the tank up on weekends: Imagine you are on the regular weekly ride to buy the surrendering stock of groceries back home, and the demanding weather proclaims you extend your drive a few more miles. What could perhaps be an obstacle is the relinquishing fuel levels of your car amid nowhere and you could land up being home. It is, hence, advisable to keep the fuel tank brimming so you never skip on such dalliances. Or you may completely skip taking your own car and hire best car rental service in the metro and you’re sorted.

4. Opt for closer destinations: This tip essentially saves you all the exhaustion that a weary long trip has to offer. A long drive to a rather close destination around the city or to the countryside renders a less tiresome and fruitful quality time with your spouse. The romance knows no bounds when you plug yourself right in the middle of sheer serenity and quiet, far off from the city.

5. Swap the seats: It gives a mundane driver, the relief of his life, when he is given a chance to be driven around. It shows the level of care and affection that you have for him/her when you take the charge and he/she comfily sits on the seat next to you. The levels of love, dearness and fondness increases, when such a day happens. Swap the seat and see the magic.

6. Kids might as well be home at times: After kids enter your space within a marriage, it strengthens your bond for sure. Your world revolves around them and you hardly miss a chance to be with your bundles of joy. But it also takes away a little from the time that you both must spend with each other. So, let the grandmothers do what they are best doing at. Leave the kids to their company and go on a short sojourn with your better half.

7. Take a day off: She was hastily getting ready for office when she saw two tickets of an infamous play in the town on her dressing. Amazingly surprised, she was touched at the gesture. The gift was an apt replacement for his absence on their 3rd wedding anniversary last week. There is no harm in breaking the pattern at times and taking your beloved wife by surprise. At times, an unplanned ride to the adjoining hill station can indeed pose a tough competition to a well-planned trip too.

8. Go for a rented car: It may be one of the usual date nights planned well in advance, what may add to the charm is, booking a top sedan from the best car rental agency in your area. The big broad smile on her face when she enters a dream full of opulence and class, would be priceless. Car rental agencies in that way has been boon to the masses. What’s better than driving a luxurious car like you own it, when in reality, what you pay is a standard fare for the drive.

A lot can happen over a drive!! And its each to their own. There can be umpteen instances in everyone’s life that may have reinforced their love bonds. Tell us yours!

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